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Every one of us must have wondered at some point of time that does twitter show who viewed your profile or not. No, simply putting it the answer is no. Twitter does not allow its users to see who has viewed their profiles or your timeline or your tweets.

Instead, you can find out who views my twitter by direct engagement such as a tweet directed you, likes and comments on your tweet, a DM or a favourite. Twitter does not allow its users to see who visited their profile to safeguard user’s privacy on the platform. And this is why except the activities we do publicly nothing else is public on twitter.

If you want to protect your account and do not want anyone else have a look at it then you can make your account private, this way only your followers will be able to see your tweets and other activities, general public is not allowed to do so.

Steps to make your account private –

1. First of all you need to log in to your twitter account on your device using a web browser.
2. Now, you have to click on the notifications button and hit on the gear symbol which you see there.
3. As soon as you will hit the gear button you will be directed to the settings page.
4. On the settings page, go with privacy and safety option followed by which you need to press on protect your tweets.
5. When you will click on protect your tweets a pop up window will appear which will requesting you to confirm your action to make your account private.
6. For this you just need to navigate protect button and click on it; you are supposed to protect it by putting in the password of your twitter account in the respective box.

If you do not want a certain person to visit your account then you can simply block him or her and again there is no way for ‘can you see who looks at your twitter’ not even the third party apps can help you with the same.
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